I first met Sam and Katie about 20 hours after they moved to Annapolis. Sam and I began our Master’s program at St. John’s College on the same day and enjoyed many classes together over the last few years. Over those years my boy and I got to be friends with the two of them, and we were very honored when they asked us to photograph their wedding back in Oregon where we are all originally from. I cry a little bit during most ceremonies, but Sam and Katie’s was especially wonderful since I know them so well. I know their tones of voices, and when they said til death do us part I could hear how they meant it. I knew that their families had traveled from Japan and Austria to stand witness, and that Sam and Katie’s marriage, long anticipated, is one that will last. These two are committed in every sense of the word, and we were so happy to be there to see them declare that commitment publicly.
One of my favorite parts of their wedding was when Sam and Katie opted for a pre-wedding portrait session. Earlier in the week of the wedding they got all dressed up and we headed down to the University of Oregon campus to get some photos of just the two of them in a relaxed few hours. We were able to take our time and were so happy with the results of that few hours. We grabbed a few more portraits the actual day of the wedding, but the seperate session earlier in the week allowed for so much more creativity and time than we can usually spare on the wedding day, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get the most out of their wedding portraits.
There were so many great moments of their wedding day, but here are just a few that stood out to me – including the pre-wedding session at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Katie’s humongous smile as she walked down the aisle, and the hugs that followed the ceremony. There were a lot of tears of joy that day, and we were so honored to be there.



12 Responses to “Weddings // Sam and Katie – University of Oregon and Creswell”

  1. I love the opening image, great sense of where you are and the couple, great work!

  2. Amber says:

    Beautiful work, Sarah! I love the portraits with the arch – great light, setting!

  3. Jem says:

    The pair inside the brick cupola are stunning. What a lovely setting.

  4. Kim Selby says:

    so, so beautiful your words at the beginning and your images. Just beautiful.

  5. Anton Chia says:

    The first picture totally totally totally does it for me! Epic!

  6. Johanna says:

    Stunning couple! I really like the last one with the reflection, great capture 🙂

  7. Razvan says:

    I love the intensity of the emotions that show through in your pictures. Great job documenting their love!

  8. Tyler says:

    bridal portraits are on point! really well done.

  9. Nessa K says:

    These are really beautiful, Sarah. They’re romantic and warm and loving and oh so good.

  10. Sam says:

    Lovely bride and lovely moments captured. Truly divine stuff.

  11. Drew says:

    That first frame is absolutely stunning!

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