One of my favorite things about this job is becoming familiar with so many other traditions and cultures. I have photographed several weddings with Jewish elements, but this was the most traditional Jewish wedding I’ve been to and as I found out the meaning behind them I absolutely loved how each of the traditions contributed to the day.  Rachel and Daniel did not see each other for a week before the wedding, so the anticipation leading up to their reunion before the ceremony was unbelievable. Rachel sat in a room surrounded by her energetic women, all singing and clapping as Daniel was led down the stairs. When they first saw each other they looked like they were about to burst out of their skin. They were so giddy it just gave me chills. That was MY favorite moment of their day. The ceremony was romantic and solemn under a family heirloom lace chuppah in the barn. Then from the minute they ran into their reception to be greeted by a burst of confetti it was a whirlwind of spinning and crazy crazy dancing. I thought I would be trampled several times. I loved it.

Rachel and Daniel care a lot about their environmental impact and they made many green choices for their wedding like bamboo serving dishes and flatware. I was so happy to learn that they chose Local Color Flowers for their florist. Local Color Flowers sources only from local farms, so their creations are completely seasonal, and I’m always so excited to see what they come up with using only what is available at a given time of year. They never fail to create absolutely gorgeous florals that exactly fit the personality of the wedding. Please check them out, not only because they are excellent florists, but because of their mission as well.

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21 Responses to “Montjoy Barn, Howard County Conservancy // Rachel and Daniel”

  1. Beautifully photographed…you captured some really great emotions here!

  2. Marianne says:

    That bride has the sweetest smile ever!!! They are so adorable and happy. Love how down to earth and relaxed this wedding is and it is perfectly documented.

  3. kong wai says:

    Amazing !! love the way tell the story

  4. Elissa says:

    This is just gorgeous. I love the way you captured their ceremony (especially that exchanging-the-ring shot!) and then their couples’ portraits afterwards are so sweet.

  5. These are so beautiful! I absolutely love love love the ceremony and portrait photos. The setting looks as though it was truly breathtaking in person!

  6. I LOVE this wedding! The setting, the couple and all these fantastic moments that you captured! This must have been so much fun to shoot.

  7. awesome setting, and i’m in love with that last photo!

  8. What an amazing barn. And that moment with the ring is an awesome catch! Great work!

  9. Really love the barn. Really love the way this was captured. Great work.

  10. amazing barn, well captured!

  11. I LOVED seeing these photos again! Each one is so full of emotion! Thanks for sharing them and thanks for the kind words about Local Color Flowers. We loved working with Rachel and Daniel on thier wedding. It made us so happy to have so many beautiful local flowers to share with them in March! Thanks again for your beautiful work!

  12. Gorgeous, Sarah! This looks like so much fun and I love the florals! 🙂

  13. Just gorgeous! You really captured how cute and happy this couple is.

  14. dylan says:

    the barn ceremony shot is sooo perfect.. great job on these Sarah!!

  15. Mm says:

    I can’t stop smiling. That was adorable and so joyous. So joyous.

  16. Lily Ross says:

    This was the first day that I had ever heard of you or your work but I could not be more thankful that you captured all the love and joy at my sister’s wedding. You were literally up, down, in, out, and all around that day. I’ve been following your work since and it’s obvious you attack all of your projects with that kind of -what we call- chutzpah. Thank you again for giving us something that makes reliving the feelings of that day possible.

  17. Helene says:

    I’m the MOB, and I still love looking at the photos. They bring the day back to life. Somehow, and Lily and I still talk about this, you captured scenes with close-ups and shots from a distance. Even some were shot from the loft in the reception hall. We don’t know how you were everywhere at once. Thank you for a beautiful job and thank Rachel and Daniel for finding you.

  18. Lynna says:

    I’m the MOG and would also like to add my thanks for your photos. In addition to all the wonderful shots of the people, I would like to add that I appreciate the time you took to photograph the flowers, food, decorations and settings. These are often overlooked by “traditional” wedding photographers but Rachel and Daniel put so much of themselves into each of these details that it is truly wonderful to have a photograph to remind us not only of the day put the whole journey to that day. Thank you!

  19. Priscilla Sharp says:

    I am Lynna’s sister, aunt of the groom. I have to say, in all my almost 70 years, this was one of – if not the – most beautiful, poignant weddings I have ever attended, and you did a wonderful job capturing it. The setting was spectacular and the weather perfect, too, which all added up to some truly magical moments.

  20. Derek says:

    Beautiful wedding! Love all the emotions you captured and your eye for detail.

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