I think most couples hope that their wedding is a real reflection of their tastes and personalities, Alex and Mike accomplished this uber successfully. From Alex’s short breezy dress and flats that ensured she was comfortable, to their casual ceremony, walking down the aisle together with their nearest and dearest standing all around them and their fathers performing the ceremony, to the reception at their favorite local BBQ joint, the whole day truly matched their great personal style and the joy of their community. I just loved their wedding.
One of my favorite parts was the Pleasant Pops truck that they invited to come and hand out all-you-can-eat popsicles. They were to die for, and I had more than one sweet cream popsicle. I was so excited to find this fantastic company, which has now set up the cutest shop in DC, and I’m a huge fan of pulling up a food truck for your guests, it was such a treat.
This wedding was also featured on Brooklyn Bride – head over there for more photos!

15 Responses to “Josephine Butler Parks Center Wedding // Alexandra and Mike”

  1. Mercedes says:

    Sarah, I love *everything* about this wedding. I can’t even begin to point out a favorite part. Your site is on my feed reader for a very good reason!

  2. Tyler says:

    Laid back weddings are some of my favorites. Great work here.

  3. sachin says:

    Lovely work Sarah! Awesome when a couple does it their way .. beautifully captured!

  4. Annie says:

    What a sweet, intimate wedding. Great captures 🙂 I think this is what I want my wedding to look like.. 😛

  5. Mary Sylvia says:

    Loving the soft toning throughout, and those fireworks shots are awesome!

  6. Nick says:

    What a perfect way to get married. Lovely work Sarah. There’s a lot of personality showing through in these images.

  7. Sara says:

    Oh these are all so lovely Sarah! This wedding looks like so much fun!

  8. Jean says:

    The couple has such a cool, relaxed style…love it, and love these images!

  9. You work has a very real, timeless feel to it. Beautiful moments captured. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.

  10. brie says:

    Love the soft light, such gorgeous images, you’ve captured the emotions beautifully.

  11. beautiful work, sarah! i love the series of formals in front of the green wall.

  12. Val says:

    The details are amazing! The thumbwar, the sparkler hand and bride and groom necklines are amazing, but the two with the new family in the booth might be my favorites.

  13. Jon says:

    Great pictures, a wonderful laid back vibe to them

  14. Beautifully done! Great eye for detail and capturing some great emotions.

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