I’m finally getting a chance to catch up on blogging weddings from the last few months, so here are a few images from Bora and Dong’s beautiful wedding at the George Washington Memorial in Alexandria this spring. They got ready at the Lorien Hotel which made for some beautiful photos with the huge windows, creamy blue walls and of course Bora who was absolutely breathtaking. Then they held their ceremony on the steps of the memorial overlooking the city. The reception in the great hall was so elegant and incorporated elements of Korean culture into their celebration. A girl after my own heart, Bora changed into a second wedding dress and headpiece equally as beautiful for the second half of the party. Keep an eye out in this post for the adorable flower girl who was completely infatuated with the bride’s bouquet all evening.
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11 Responses to “George Washington Masonic Memorial Wedding // Bora and Dong”

  1. Awesome collection of images Sarah. That ceremony location is amazing. Well done.

  2. benj haisch says:

    such a rad ceremony location! nice work!

  3. Kyle says:

    The shot that is just the bride and groom’s legs with the bridesmaids dress blowing is the perfect example of why sometimes simplicity is better. that shot is SO stunning.

  4. What a dress! Really love your portraits!

  5. ayesha says:

    sarah!!! omg i love your processing. this is GORGEOUS – absolutely stunning bride… and bridesmaids too – and what a beautiful ceremony! the way you captured that in particular – the bridesmaids standing, the wind fluttering their bright dresses – found myself staring at those images for a while. and fantastic moment captures throughout… beautifully done!

  6. Kat Forsyth says:

    Gorgeous bridal portraits…and I love the ceremony on the stairs! The entire thing looks like a portrait; took me a moment to realise it was the ceremony. 🙂

  7. Mercedes says:

    That shot of the little girl and the bouquet just made me say “awwwww”! I love these. The portraits are so beautiful! Just lovely coverage.

  8. Lacey says:

    Can I get married again and have you shoot my pretend wedding? haha. Love these.

  9. I looove the photos of the brides veil (and her nailpolish!!!!!). Great captures of the emotion and expressions…. definitely agree that the little girl and the bouquet are “aww” worthy.

  10. These are great – lovely colours and the photos of the kids are brilliant!

  11. James says:

    Great veil shots as well as Black and White.

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