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I never got a chance to blog Mitzi and Isaac’s engagement session from last year so we’ll start out with a few from that, leading into their gorgeous wedding at Liriodendron Mansion. Mitzi worked so hard on all the details, DIYing everything and the result was stunning. But even better than the gorgeousness was the heart behind this couple. There was not a dry eye at this ceremony, and at many points during the reception. Mitzi and Isaac are good people, and they have surrounded themselves with more good people. From the photo booth, to the shoe game, to the musical performances by their best friends, this was a perfect day. Special thanks to Caleb for helping out, a few of his photos are included here.

I love courthouse weddings. ┬áJust two people and the justice of the peace keeping it simple and meaningful. I especially love when we get to wander around downtown Annapolis first, stopping for tea at 49 West, hanging out at the old post office, and the gorgeous Annapolis Collection Gallery. You can see more photos and hear the story in Sonali’s words over on Junebug.

Alex and Rob included so many personal details into their wedding that made it meaningful for them. During the ceremony their rings were passed around the room so that everyone could say a blessing over them. They tried to make sure that all of the elements of their wedding were reflective of their personalities, that included getting a DJ who donates some of his fee to greyhound rescue, a vegetarian menu, a nature theme, dancing the Romanian hora and Alex’s mother filling little glass bottles with tuica, a Romanian plum brandy or moonshine for all the tables. It was a beautifully intimate evening – you can hear more of Alex’s perspective in their feature on United With Love. ┬áSpecial thanks to my super second shooter, Caleb.

Best of 2011 Portraits

January 27, 2012

From engagement sessions to Day in the Life with families to my version of professional headshots, I love the challenge of trying to tease out a personality or relationship and then click the shutter at just the right time. There is nothing more satisfying than getting a shot that captures someone’s essence perfectly. Here is a sampling of the many 2011 sessions I will be blogging over the next few months. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends, family, and clients who spent time with me last year, and I’m so excited about what’s to come!