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One of my favorite things about this job is becoming familiar with so many other traditions and cultures. I have photographed several weddings with Jewish elements, but this was the most traditional Jewish wedding I’ve been to and as I found out the meaning behind them I absolutely loved how each of the traditions contributed to the day.  Rachel and Daniel did not see each other for a week before the wedding, so the anticipation leading up to their reunion before the ceremony was unbelievable. Rachel sat in a room surrounded by her energetic women, all singing and clapping as Daniel was led down the stairs. When they first saw each other they looked like they were about to burst out of their skin. They were so giddy it just gave me chills. That was MY favorite moment of their day. The ceremony was romantic and solemn under a family heirloom lace chuppah in the barn. Then from the minute they ran into their reception to be greeted by a burst of confetti it was a whirlwind of spinning and crazy crazy dancing. I thought I would be trampled several times. I loved it.

Rachel and Daniel care a lot about their environmental impact and they made many green choices for their wedding like bamboo serving dishes and flatware. I was so happy to learn that they chose Local Color Flowers for their florist. Local Color Flowers sources only from local farms, so their creations are completely seasonal, and I’m always so excited to see what they come up with using only what is available at a given time of year. They never fail to create absolutely gorgeous florals that exactly fit the personality of the wedding. Please check them out, not only because they are excellent florists, but because of their mission as well.

Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 001Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 002Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 003Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 004Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 005Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 006Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 007Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 008Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 009Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 010Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 011Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 012Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 013Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 014Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 015Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 016Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 017Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 018Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 019Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 020Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 021Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 022Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 023Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 024Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 025Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 026Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 027Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 028Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 029Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 030Montjoy-Barn-Wedding 031

This wedding was something else. When I first met these two I knew we had a lot in common, including the fact that we both decided to put together our weddings in just a few months because we were so in love we couldn’t wait any longer. So I understood when I heard from Jillian, throughout the few months of engagement, how tough the process was – to pull off something so lovely in such a short amount of time. But when I showed up on this June day and saw what she and Aaron had put together I was just overwhelmed, not just by the beauty but by the love. This was quite possibly the hottest day of the year, and the whole event was outside with no air conditioning, but everyone was so crazy happy for these two that no one cared, everyone just hurrah’d and danced their hearts out and it was incredible. I asked Jillian to share her favorite part of the day and this is what she said: My absolute favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle. The emotions I felt in that moment will probably never be replicated as I held my dad’s arm and walked into the arms of my groom. Aaron looked like he was going to burst out of his skin as I approached. We had already seen each other during a first look and pre-ceremony portraits, but it didn’t lessen that moment at all. That will always be such a sweet memory for me.
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Maryland-Barn-Wedding 001Maryland-Barn-Wedding 002Rustic-Maryland-Wedding 003Maryland-Barn-Wedding 004Maryland-Barn-Wedding 005Maryland-Farm-Wedding 006Maryland-Barn-Wedding 007Maryland-Barn-Wedding 008Farm-Wedding 009Maryland-Barn-Wedding 010Maryland-Barn-Wedding 011Maryland-Barn-Wedding 012Maryland-Barn-Wedding 013Mismatched-Bridesmaid-Dresses 014Maryland-Barn-Wedding 015Maryland-Barn-Wedding 016Maryland-Barn-Wedding 017Maryland-Barn-Wedding 018Maryland-Barn-Wedding 019Maryland-Barn-Wedding 020Maryland-Barn-Wedding 021Maryland-Barn-Wedding 022Maryland-Barn-Wedding 023Maryland-Barn-Wedding 024Maryland-Barn-Wedding 025Maryland-Barn-Wedding 026Maryland-Barn-Wedding 027Maryland-Barn-Wedding 028Maryland-Barn-Wedding 029Maryland-Barn-Wedding 030Maryland-Barn-Wedding 031Maryland-Barn-Wedding 032Maryland-Barn-Wedding 033Maryland-Barn-Wedding 034Maryland-Barn-Wedding 035Maryland-Barn-Wedding 036Maryland-Barn-Wedding 037Maryland-Barn-Wedding 038Maryland-Barn-Wedding 039Maryland-Barn-Wedding 040Maryland-Barn-Wedding 041Maryland-Barn-Wedding 042Maryland-Barn-Wedding 043Maryland-Barn-Wedding 044Maryland-Barn-Wedding 045Maryland-Barn-Wedding 046Maryland-Barn-Wedding 047Sparkler-Exit-Wedding 048Maryland-Barn-Wedding 049

Wedding Venue: Richardson Farms in White Marsh, Maryland / Floral Design: Linda Monatori of Fine Floral Designs / Decorations: DIY + Thrift Stores / Wedding Cakes: Yia Yia’s Bakery / DJ: Scott West of Soundwaves DJs / Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal (Altered Sleeves + Sash) / Hair: Regis Salon / Makeup: Nicole Palermo / Men’s Suits: Indochino