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A few from an at home session last fall with a family very dear to me.

One or three from a recent family session.

Portraits // Keiko

August 29, 2011

In June I was in Syracuse, New York shooting a wedding and I had the chance to stop by Rochester for a few days afterwards to stay with my dearest childhood friend Keiko and her husband Phil. It was such a special time for us to indulge in long uninterrupted chats before their first baby arrives (due next week!). It’s always so meaningful to take photos of someone who I know so well that I can tell when I have a shot that perfectly captures their personality. I love Keiko’s pensive faces and I know them well from our more than twenty years of talking through life. But my favorite moment in this shoot was when Phil came out the back door to join us and Keiko’s whole face lit up when she caught a glimpse of him coming toward us. You can see the change in the progression of the photos. I’m so excited to meet their sweet girl when she arrives and see their faces light up in a whole new way.
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I met the Baummer’s when their family was half it’s current size and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them over a few years of photographing them. When the twins were born this year I went to their home outside Baltimore to capture a taste of what their family life is like now that they have a full house. Out of all the sessions I’ve done with them this was my favorite as it paints picture of their family in their natural environment. I love these family documentary sessions. Changing diapers, playing dress-up, a favorite sippy cup and the spinning office chair game – this is the real life Baummer family.