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Croquet! The day that we dig out our hats and picnic baskets and dancing shoes and head down to the St. John’s lawn for the Annapolis Cup. It’s one of the quintessential Annapolis events not only for the sport, but especially for the style. The event draws current students, alums from both schools and townies, this year over 2000 of them, to the Great Lawn at for an all day picnic with some croquet on the side. There is swing dancing, a Navy band, champagne, cigars and usually a first sunburn of the year. The dresscode is something like “Great Gatsby, seersucker, bowties, feathered hairpieces, and hats.”

For those who don’t know – every year St. John’s College challenges the Naval Academy from across the street to pretty much the only sport that they can beat them at: croquet. Each year the Johnnies keep their uniform a secret until the day of Croquet, and this year their uniform was an almost exact replica of the Navy’s, making it very confusing to keep track of them on the court.

The day was a success, the Johnnies won again and I’m sufficiently sunburned and already planning next year’s dress.


I took extra photos today of Kelly and especially Oliver – he’s such a little man in his skinny jeans and vest!

Kelly’s shirt: Forever21
Kelly’s jeans: H&M
Kelly’s boots: Steve Madden
Oliver’s tank: American Apparel
Oliver’s vest: Janie Jack
Oliver’s jeans: H&M
Oliver’s shoes: Converse

Kelly and Oliver's Street Style

My friend Kelly is the owner of Oliver’s Buy, Sell, Trade in downtown Annapolis, a shop that  I keep tabs on almost daily. Kelly has amazing taste, evidenced by the great items she picks for her shop and what she is always wearing. Late this summer I asked her if I could document what she and Oliver wore for a week and here are the results!

Oliver's Fashion Annapolis
Kelly’s Dress: Urban Renewal
Kelly’s Sandals: Nicole
Oliver’s Tank: American Apparel
Oliver’s Shorts: Carter’s