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Annapolis Courthouse Weddings

September 20, 2013

I love love courthouse weddings. And I especially love them in Annapolis, which has the most beautiful wedding chapel with big windows, surrounded by a town that has perfect portrait nooks every few feet. Here are a few from some recent Annapolis courthouse weddings.

Annapolis Courthouse Wedding001



















These two have been together for 18 years and it shows in their ease together. I just loved the sunny wintry hours I got to spend with them, on a weekday, as they were married at the beautiful courthouse in Annapolis. I might be biased because I live here, but I think Annapolis is just about the best place to choose for a courthouse wedding. There is soft window light in the ceremony room, the walls are clean white, there’s hardly ever a wait, and then we step outside around the sleepy historic seaside town of Annapolis for a leisurely portrait session. I feel so privileged when I get to participate in these intimate events. Melanie and Matthias will have a larger wedding in Germany at some point, but they couldn’t wait to get married any longer and I’m so glad because look at them, and this day – it was perfect.

A few frames of a sweet courthouse wedding from a few weeks ago. I love the intimacy of courthouse weddings, just the couple and their closest family to cheer them on. I especially love that without the sometimes harried timeline of a full wedding we get lots of time to explore the town and find the best spots for portraits of just the two of them. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love courthouse weddings. ┬áJust two people and the justice of the peace keeping it simple and meaningful. I especially love when we get to wander around downtown Annapolis first, stopping for tea at 49 West, hanging out at the old post office, and the gorgeous Annapolis Collection Gallery. You can see more photos and hear the story in Sonali’s words over on Junebug.