At the end of a whirlwind spring and early summer of beautiful weddings my boy and I had a chance to meet some friends in New York City for a weekend of pure fun instead of work fun. We saw Al Pacino play Shylock in Merchant of Venice, ate at famous food carts, went to the MoMA and Met and did lots of other wonderfully fun New York things. I’m not sure before this I had quite realized how important it would be to take time and photos for just myself, to take a weekend and refresh and reset perspective, mentally and artistically. Walking around taking photos for no one but myself felt so wonderful. It seems that the balance of the personal work and the giving to others that is involved in professional work compliment each other perfectly, they each stretch me in different and necessary ways. I came back from this wonderful weekend ready for another round.

Meatpacking DistrictStaten Island Ferry AnnaStaten Island FerryWashington Square Park ChessChinatown New York CityHighline Park

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  1. Valerie says:

    And this makes me want to live in New York. No way it’s really that clean and pretty looking, though.

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