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This beautiful day in the Connecticut Berkshires was a highlight of last year’s season. Nadine and Joe’s wedding was full of luxe details while managing to still be completely approachable and comfortable. Rock Hall Bed and Breakfast looks like a medieval estate, which was appropriate since Nadine has, as her friends describe it, a classic Renaissance beauty. The centerpieces on their family style tables, created by Petal Design Studio, made my jaw drop. Eggplant table number holders and fennel in wood baskets? Genius. I also loved their creative invitations from Jen Simpson Designs and Nadine’s unique dress from Stone Fox Bride. ¬†Joe owns a restaurant in NYC, so the food was especially important to them. They chose Fire Roasted Catering who roasted a pig on a spit next to the tent all day and ended with apple cobbler baked over the open fire. But what I loved most of all was the warm ease of Nadine and Joe’s relationship and the people around them. I think my favorite photo from the day is the two of them walking back down the aisle, the way Joe has his arm just casually wrapped around Nadine’s shoulder, it’s just so them.
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These two have been together for 18 years and it shows in their ease together. I just loved the sunny wintry hours I got to spend with them, on a weekday, as they were married at the beautiful courthouse in Annapolis. I might be biased because I live here, but I think Annapolis is just about the best place to choose for a courthouse wedding. There is soft window light in the ceremony room, the walls are clean white, there’s hardly ever a wait, and then we step outside around the sleepy historic seaside town of Annapolis for a leisurely portrait session. I feel so privileged when I get to participate in these intimate events. Melanie and Matthias will have a larger wedding in Germany at some point, but they couldn’t wait to get married any longer and I’m so glad because look at them, and this day – it was perfect.

I think most couples hope that their wedding is a real reflection of their tastes and personalities, Alex and Mike accomplished this uber successfully. From Alex’s short breezy dress and flats that ensured she was comfortable, to their casual ceremony, walking down the aisle together with their nearest and dearest standing all around them and their fathers performing the ceremony, to the reception at their favorite local BBQ joint, the whole day truly matched their great personal style and the joy of their community. I just loved their wedding.
One of my favorite parts was the Pleasant Pops truck that they invited to come and hand out all-you-can-eat popsicles. They were to die for, and I had more than one sweet cream popsicle. I was so excited to find this fantastic company, which has now set up the cutest shop in DC, and I’m a huge fan of pulling up a food truck for your guests, it was such a treat.
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One of my favorite things about this job is becoming familiar with so many other traditions and cultures. I have photographed several weddings with Jewish elements, but this was the most traditional Jewish wedding I’ve been to and as I found out the meaning behind them I absolutely loved how each of the traditions contributed to the day. ¬†Rachel and Daniel did not see each other for a week before the wedding, so the anticipation leading up to their reunion before the ceremony was unbelievable. Rachel sat in a room surrounded by her energetic women, all singing and clapping as Daniel was led down the stairs. When they first saw each other they looked like they were about to burst out of their skin. They were so giddy it just gave me chills. That was MY favorite moment of their day. The ceremony was romantic and solemn under a family heirloom lace chuppah in the barn. Then from the minute they ran into their reception to be greeted by a burst of confetti it was a whirlwind of spinning and crazy crazy dancing. I thought I would be trampled several times. I loved it.

Rachel and Daniel care a lot about their environmental impact and they made many green choices for their wedding like bamboo serving dishes and flatware. I was so happy to learn that they chose Local Color Flowers for their florist. Local Color Flowers sources only from local farms, so their creations are completely seasonal, and I’m always so excited to see what they come up with using only what is available at a given time of year. They never fail to create absolutely gorgeous florals that exactly fit the personality of the wedding. Please check them out, not only because they are excellent florists, but because of their mission as well.

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