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One from Mariah’s senior photo session at Glen Lake in Michigan last week… she’s such a stunner.

Portraits // Anthony

July 19, 2012


This is Anthony – art director, graphic designer, one of my good friends and the creator of my logo. He is really really good at his job. You can see his work here. He needed some headshot type photos, a little graphic and a little artsy. Here’s what we came up with.

Wow this session was fun. These are my cousins. I can’t believe how beautiful they are. We were all in Athens, Ohio for Thanksgiving, which is an epic family time with a pie per person. Becky, the dark haired one, is a senior (just graduated!), and Elizabeth is now in college but I never got a chance to do her senior photos. So Friday, after a pie breakfast and lunch we headed to The Ridges, an old insane asylum on a hill. This set is a complete collaboration, so many friends, sisters and cousins, contributed to the wardrobe and styling either directly or through hand-me-downs (the long red velvet dress is Keiko’s high school recital dress, many pieces come from Oliver’s, the short red dress I think Summer still wants back, bits from Anna’s wardrobe, and many other friends. These girls knew how to work it. Right behind me, out of view of the camera, were sisters and cousins whistling and egging the girls on. We were all pretty pleased with the results.

My friend Rachel is a super talented make-up artist, and recently she wanted to get some updated photos for her portfolio. So she rounded up these gorgeous girls, and we spent a few hours trying different makeup looks on them and taking photos. I really love these looks – soft and natural, bright red lips and smoky eyes, Rachel did a beautiful job. It didn’t hurt that it was impossible to take a bad photos of these beauties, Kate, Monica and Sarah. They made my job so so easy. Here are a few of my favorites, and be sure to check out Rachel’s website if you’re looking for a make-up artist.