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I work with the local multimedia publication The Annapolis Sound which covers politics and culture. Lately the Annapolis Market House has been dominating the local news. The Market House sits in the figurative and literal heart of Annapolis. Right at the tip of Ego Alley, with a very controversial yet rich history, it’s been blighted by poor management for decades. Despite Annapolitans’ desire to revitalize it, it’s locked in a swamp of government loans, leases, regulations and who knows what else. Right now it sits almost completely empty and as the citizens of Annapolis ask to have a say in its┬ádestiny the mayor and city council seem to be handing out control of the Market House to the highest bidder behind our backs. It’s a local drama. I put together a photo essay on the current state of the Market House for The Sound and you can see it here, but these are a few of my favorites.

The Air Conditioning Ducts that Sunk Market <a href=Abandoned Market House <a href=

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