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I am kind of turning into a crazy plant lady. My husband actually got me a gift card to Home Depot for our anniversary so that I could buy more plants. My goal is two plants in every room of our house, but in some rooms I’m up to 10! At any rate, Cynthia and Chris were kindred spirits in this regard, when I suggested this warm lush conservancy for their winter engagement they were totally on board. I loved their vibe together, a mix of playful and sweet. I’ve been having a lot of fun adding in some vintage instant film cameras when sessions allow the time, see if you can spot some classic Polaroid SX-70 and 600 shots below!

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Annapolis Candid Engagement
Baltimore Polaroid Film Engagement Maryland Botanic Engagement

Druid Hill Engagement Session Baltimore Moder Wedding Photographer DC Modern Wedding Photographer
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Baltimore Polaroid Photographer

The Village Magazine

September 3, 2015

I’m excited to finally share a very personal project that was published in the current issue of The Village Magazine. I have become increasingly involved in the breastmilk donation community over the past year and completed the first part of a photo essay on a few of the donors and donees I have met. They share their stories as they address issues ranging from cancer to adoption. It’s initially an uncomfortable and/or emotional topic, but our goal was to bring awareness to this wonderful resource that can save money and even lives. Thank you to the wonderful people at The Village Magazine who gave these families a voice. I am giving away a year’s subscription to the magazine on my instagram page if you would like the chance to see the story for yourself!


Tata Harper Vermont Farm Visit

February 28, 2014

About a year ago I discovered Tata Harper’s luxurious natural skincare line and fell in love. When Caitlin from The Glitter Guide invited me with her on a trip to visit Tata’s farm I jumped at the chance. I already believed in the quality and philosophy behind the line, but seeing where it all happens and hearing Tata talk about how she sources her ingredients, not compromising on any aspect of the line made me even more excited about what she is doing. We had a wonderful stay in Tata’s guest house decorated with antiques and special keepsakes. Tata’s husband Henry showed us all around the farm and told us hilarious stories, then we met up in the offices for an ingredient smelling session and to pepper Tata with questions. After a lovely dinner we collapsed in the guesthouse beds. In the morning we made another sweep around the farm with our coffee, greeting the chickens and checking out Tata’s garden (still growing lavender in the middle of winter!), greenhouse and herb drying facility before heading home. Caitlin’s take on the visit is up on Glitter Guide, and there are also a few more photos on the Darling Magazine┬ásite.
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2013 St John’s Croquet

June 20, 2013

Our world was a little bit rocked today when the Naval Academy beat St. John’s at our beloved croquet match. Hats, and dancing and amazing dresses and an all day picnic. For more on croquet check out past years, 2012, and 2011.