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Another year, another victory for the St. John’s team in the only sport they can beat Navy – croquet. We braved the chilly light rain and and picnickned, danced and sometimes watched the match.

Personal // Puerto Rico

February 29, 2012

The boy and I, as a marriage, turn five years old this year, right smack dab in the middle of wedding season. We’ll still get to celebrate a bit on the day, but we figured February was the right time to take a longer trip to a warm and sunny place. And I couldn’t have imagined anything better than Puerto Rico.
It was the perfect country for us – just the right amount of foreign, yet we didn’t have to change currencies, and barely even time zones. I could not believe the weather – a warm breeze with no mosquitoes all day and night. We stayed one night in Old San Juan which was completely charming and we are determined to retire there someday. The next day we took a tiny little plane (I got to sit in the front seat!!) to the island of Vieques where we stayed at a luxurious modern guesthouse, complete with open air shower, rooftop deck and ocean views from the bed. It felt like a movie. We spent a few days exploring the island, sitting on the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen and trying to not run over all of the wild horses which run down the middle of the road. From Vieques we went to a beautiful¬†little mid century style guest house back on the main island on the edge of the rainforest, again with ocean views. The owner cooked us an amazing Puerto Rican dinner the first night with many ingredients grown on the property where we stayed. Early the next morning, Valentine’s Day, we hiked up to the tippy top of the El Yunque rainforest to an abandoned watchtower. Our host said his brother was married at the top of the tower at sunrise a few years ago, and once we were up there I could see why, it was the most exhilarating spot with the mist rolling over the treetops all around you. From there we found a little secret riverside spot that our host told us about for a picnic and a bit of swimming. We rounded out our Valentine’s Day with a low key dinner at a romantic little local restaurant where we had the famous seafood/meat stuff plantain fritters and some simple Puerto Rican chicken stew. Our last day we spent a little more time on the beach and hunting for iguanas (no photos though!) before heading home.
Many of you have asked for details so if you’d like more than what I put here (we ate at some fantastic restaurants) then just email me. And then go to Puerto Rico and tell us how you like it!

Kajs Jewelry

November 26, 2011

A little something different just in time for Small Business Saturday, Christmas shopping and winter engagements! This jewelry by my friend Karin is so beautiful I had a hard time taking the photos and editing them for all the drool on the keyboard. I adore Karin’s Scandinavian influenced designs, and the big chunky gemstones and all the rustic silver. I want every single piece. Hopefully you do too. Contact her at for pricing and availability, or visit her website.

St. John’s Crew

November 8, 2011

I’ve found balancing life to be a pretty difficult task lately. I’m thankful every day that I get to do what I love for a job, but I know there is more to life than a job no matter how rewarding it is. There is a husband, wonderful friends, exercise, a bookgroup, and other things that constitute “personal time”. It’s not New Year’s yet, but I already know that finding more time for things other than the camera and computer are going to be top of the resolutions list in a few months.
One of the things that I have made time for this fall was joining a crew team with my boy. We figure if we live on the East Coast we should do preppy things and what could be more so than collegiate crew on the foggy Chesapeake Bay at sunrise every morning? It’s not all quite that glamorous, the early mornings and long workouts have been tough, but so so rewarding for us. We ended our season with a beautiful regatta last weekend that I couldn’t resist bringing the camera to.
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