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The Village Magazine

September 3, 2015

I’m excited to finally share a very personal project that was published in the current issue of The Village Magazine. I have become increasingly involved in the breastmilk donation community over the past year and completed the first part of a photo essay on a few of the donors and donees I have met. They share their stories as they address issues ranging from cancer to adoption. It’s initially an uncomfortable and/or emotional topic, but our goal was to bring awareness to this wonderful resource that can save money and even lives. Thank you to the wonderful people at The Village Magazine who gave these families a voice. I am giving away a year’s subscription to the magazine on my instagram page if you would like the chance to see the story for yourself!


About 8 months ago, on a beautiful fall morning at home this happened:

Sarah Culver Photography
(photo: This Rad Love)

I have years of shoots that I want to share here on the blog. I wasn’t the best at blogging before this little one came along and now all the spare time, after client files are edited, is spent cuddling this sweetest bug. The blog has felt intimidating to come back to, how to break such a long silence, where to begin with all the photos I’m taking that I love. But I’m learning to ask for help because it’s taking a village, and family and friends are stepping in to help with the boy and the business and weeding the garden. The baby fog is lifting a bit and I’m excited about where life is taking us. All that is to say regular images will start to show up here again.

Sarah Culver

In the meantime I wanted to reset here and share a bit from my personal life, some of the beauty in the spitup, tips that are getting me through, and our own photos from this magic last year. We are so in love, all three of us.

Annapolis Lifestyle Family Photography

One of the best pieces of advice I got before the baby came along was to get a Kindle and hook it up to my library card. All of the hours spent trapped under a sleeping baby were put to good use and I tore through many the titles I’d had on my list for years. There is nothing better to do with an afternoon than read a good book with your baby dreaming on you. Some of my favorites from this past year:
Dept. of Speculation
Being Mortal
The Good Lord Bird
Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Family Documentary Photography

Some of you may or may not know that I live in Annapolis, MD but most of my jobs are an hour to 3 hours away from Annapolis. I used to listen to music as I drove, but everyone’s favorite Serial really got me in the habit of listening to other podcasts and that makes that driving time feel productive. Now I can’t get enough of The New Yorker Fiction Podcast, Note To Self, Here’s The Thing, The Longest Shortest Time, and always This American Life. Are there good ones I’m missing? Let me know!

Annapolis Family Photography

I love beautiful clothing. I’ve been sad to discover that while little girl’s departments are brimming with beautiful things, a few uninspired boy basics are usually shoved onto one rack in the corner. If I could I would completely outfit my babe from Mabo Clothiers.

Annapolis Family Photographer

Taking photos is a surprisingly physically demanding job. I’ve tried to really prioritize working out over the last few years so that I can keep up my stamina for shoots, but it’s very hard to find the time to leave the house for that now. You know, you’ve heard every new parent complain about it. My sister turned me on to YogaGlo, a monthly subscription with thousands of classes to choose from and filters for different levels, styles and amounts of time. There is even a postnatal section with reassuring class titles like ‘Quick Stretch While Baby Naps.’ They totally get me.

Maryland Candid Family Photos

Baltimore Family Photographer

DC Family Photography

Are you all making the easiest most delicious no knead bread by now? I sadly don’t cook much anymore with the exception of this bread. It’s our go to for bringing to new parents, cookouts and having lots of people over. People get really impressed by homemade bread but I always fess up that it took about 2 minutes to make and is completely stupid proof.

Candid Family Photography

I’ve always been minimalist when it comes to makeup. But now with needing to do all my getting ready one handed while holding a wriggling baby the routine is even more streamlined. If I do one thing in a day it’s put some color on my cheeks. I used to be completely scared of cream blushes, but as with all her products Tata Harper completely nailed the lip and cheek tint. It’s so beautiful, easy to use, and so good for your skin I don’t even feel like I NEED to wash it off at the end of the day.

Sarah Culver

(Photo: LA Birdie Photography)

Baltimore Candid Family Photographer

Baltimore Family Documentary
A lot of children’s books are rough on parents by the 50th time through. If you can recommend beautiful, thoughtful ones please do!! Our favorites so far are Seasons by Blexobolex, On The Night You Were Born, You Are My I Love You, Each Peach Pear Plum, and Charlie Harper’s ABC’s.

Sarah Culver

We went camping with the baby. The first night I wondered what we were thinking, but after that it was amazing. Baby came back so calm and relaxed it made me realize we need to get away more often. We went to Camp Misty Mount where they have adorable rustic cabins with a single electric bulb for light. Just that light bulb and not dealing with a tent made everything totally doable with the baby, but there were still enough bugs and dirt that we were proud of how we were roughing it.

DC Lifestyle Family Photos

Documentary Family Photography

Thank you for visiting this space even though I’ve been so long gone, I’ll be back now and can’t wait to show you all of the love and beautiful moments I’ve been invited to capture in recent months.


July 8, 2015

This poor neglected blog. I promise I am coming back full force very soon starting with some photos of the cutest little reason why I’ve been away. I do however update my Facebook page and Instagram every few days, follow me there for new work. In the meantime here are a few favorites from the last few months!

Josephine Butler House Wedding Waverly Mansion Wedding Baltiore Wedding Photography Newton White Mansion Wedding Annapolis Wedding Photography Maryland Winter Wedding Woodend Sanctuary Wedding

I wanted to put up a year in review post about this time, but that is a big job and I might not get to it. Thinking back over the last year I’m so thankful for the amazing weddings I was able to shoot and the wonderful people I’ve met, but most of all I am thankful for my family and the precious time we get to spend together. It seems appropriate at the year’s end to share a bit of what personally makes me happiest. Our somewhat annual trip to our cabin on Glen Lake in northern Michigan is my favorite thing. Here are a few snapshots of how we spent our time this last summer – dune jumping at Sleeping Bear, sand castle competitions, cherry wine and s’mores, cousin senior photo sessions, celebrating two birthday girls, my aunt and uncle slow dancing on the deck at sunset, polishing petoskey’s and loving each other a lot.

Glen-Lake 001Glen-Lake 002Glen-Lake 003Glen-Lake 004Glen-Lake 005Glen-Lake 006Glen-Lake 007Glen-Lake 008Glen-Lake 009Glen-Lake 010Glen-Lake 011Glen-Lake 012Glen-Lake 013Glen-Lake 014Glen-Lake 015Glen-Lake 016Glen-Lake 017Glen-Lake 018Glen-Lake 019Glen-Lake 020Glen-Lake 021Glen-Lake 022Glen-Lake 023Glen-Lake 024Glen-Lake 025Glen-Lake 026Glen-Lake 027Glen-Lake 028Glen-Lake 029Glen-Lake 030Glen-Lake 031Glen-Lake 032