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I met the Baummer’s when their family was half it’s current size and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them over a few years of photographing them. When the twins were born this year I went to their home outside Baltimore to capture a taste of what their family life is like now that they have a full house. Out of all the sessions I’ve done with them this was my favorite as it paints picture of their family in their natural environment. I love these family documentary sessions. Changing diapers, playing dress-up, a favorite sippy cup and the spinning office chair game – this is the real life Baummer family.

Everything about this session was special for me. First of all, it’s the first example of a new session I’m offering where I spend a few hours in the home with a family capturing daily life. It is such a fun way to see the real side of a family in their own environment. Families read together, and load dishwashers together and when dad comes home from work it’s a huge event and those are the beautiful daily moments of family life.
This is my cousin’s family, especially dear to me since we’re very close. We’ve celebrated many milestones together through life from living together as babies, standing up at each other’s weddings, and a little over a year ago I photographed the twins’ birth. I feel lucky every moment I get to spend with them now that we live near each other again.
Many of the “props” we used in the session have a story – I made the paper crane mobile for Honnah and Mia when they were born, and Sonora created the painting underneath it, and Lisa and I were so excited when she found the vintage tricycle on one of our Goodwill dates. I love that this session is just jam-packed with meaningful elements for this family so that they can look back and remember the little moments.

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