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As I’ve said before, I believe the best way to get to know a family and show their true dynamic is to spend a few hours with them in their home, doing the things they love to do as a family. The Anderson’s invited me in on a typical Saturday morning, waking up in PJ’s, breakfast, wrestling and a dance party and a neighborhood walk. I’m ashamed to say that these photos are from last year, and we have a whole new session in between this one and now, but that will wait for another day.

One or three from a recent family session.

I shoot in a primarily photojournalistic style. For families that means I spend a few hours just hanging out – usually at home or in this case at the boys’ favorite patch of woods, where there were ‘secret spots’ that only they could lead us to. I’ve known their mother my whole life, but never had a chance to meet her beautiful boys until our latest trip to Eugene, Oregon. I absolutely love the opportunity to spend a few hours with a family and get to know their special dynamics and favorite things. I feel it’s the best way to capture personalities authentically – just let them loose to be themselves and see what happens. And this is what happened on a fine Oregon August day.
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This was such a beautiful and meaningful day to record for this family. Alessandra’s mother, Vita, had the most radiant look of pride on her face through the whole baptism. Their family and friends came in from all over to witness this special moment and then join them for a party afterward. We never heard a peep out of the sweet baby, when the water was poured on her forehead she just gave a little start and then went back to sleep. I was honored to be part of this important moment for their family, here are a few shots of the day.