I am kind of turning into a crazy plant lady. My husband actually got me a gift card to Home Depot for our anniversary so that I could buy more plants. My goal is two plants in every room of our house, but in some rooms I’m up to 10! At any rate, Cynthia and Chris were kindred spirits in this regard, when I suggested this warm lush conservancy for their winter engagement they were totally on board. I loved their vibe together, a mix of playful and sweet. I’ve been having a lot of fun adding in some vintage instant film cameras when sessions allow the time, see if you can spot some classic Polaroid SX-70 and 600 shots below!

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These two. I didn’t get a chance to meet Clay and Regina in person until their wedding day, but when Regina saw me she gave me the most wonderful enveloping hug. These two draw people in with their laughter and their care. Weddings usually bring out the best in people. Toasts are always lovely and hilarious and affections run high, but it is clear that Clay and Regina live with this kind of joy, connection and community every day, not just on special occasions. They are lucky in love, with each other and their friends. Their day overflowed with the beauty and warmth that is clearly a part of them through and through.

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2 Responses to “Josephine Butler Parks Wedding // Clay and Regina”

  1. Danny says:

    What a sweet wedding, love the portrait shots by the tree 🙂

  2. Lydia Royce says:

    I love her short hair! I wish more brides would rock the short haired look. The photos from the toasts are absolutely divine.

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Jamie is a wonderful family photographer so I was honored when she asked me to capture some photos of her beautiful family. At the time of this session my little boy was just starting to roll over. Watching Jamie’s boys in all their wild and free play made me laugh and so much look forward to what is to come. Sibling and family love is really quite something to watch.

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I have known Chelsea my whole life so this wedding was very special for me. Chelsea has three beautiful boys, and as I watched them get ready with Brock, as he helped them put on the leather belts and suspenders that he handmade for them, I could tell this was already an amazing family. I have been visiting her childhood California home for so many years, but it’s never looked so beautiful as it did this day. Every detail was meaningful, from the Wandering Goat coffee from their favorite Eugene coffee shop, to the backdrop that friends lovingly made for them. Chelsea’s sons and father walked her down the aisle to meet Brock, and they exchanged rings that Brock made for them. Chelsea’s grandfather played the grand piano in the living room for their first dance, as guests typed out well wishes on an old typewriter. We all say weddings are magical, but this one really was, a warm California night on a porch under twinkly lights and so many happy tears for these dear friends. One of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken is the one of Chelsea’s tattoo during her ceremony, it says ‘Everything’ and that is what this day was, it was everything.

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7 Responses to “Backyard California Wedding // Chelsea and Brock”

  1. Anton Chia says:

    Very beautiful mood.

  2. Teresa K says:

    Just brilliant Sarah…truly brilliant!!

  3. James Fear says:


  4. Heather K says:

    Oh, Sarah, these are so incredibly gorgeous and heartfelt <3

  5. You really capture all of the those small moments so well (as well as the big ones!)

  6. Paul Krol says:

    Top-notch, brilliant wedding photography. Not only do the photos look amazing but you also tell a wonderful story with your image.

  7. Sarah says:

    Their first dance is the most perfect I’ve even seen! Beautiful wedding with beautiful people and beautiful photos!

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